My name is Lori Painter, founder of Mossy Green Trees.  Its been my dream to create one of a kind collectibles like carved wood pieces, collectibles, and

unique family pieces. 

Just recently I embarked on this endeavor, I use my designs, artwork, and inspirations from nature to create all my collections.  Enjoy!

Mossy Green Trees

My long time dream was to make a collection of pieces that represents my rendition of earths great beauty.

All of my inspirations come from my many bike trips through Western PA.  Check out Mossy Green Tree of Life Plates, Mossy Life Inspirations, & Mossy Flower Jewelry.

Mossy Jewelry Gallery

Jewelry pieces are one of a kind and truly a nice collectible.  

All dedicated to the natural look and tranquility of nature. Each item is unique and is hand crafted.  I like to use warm tones and natural dried flowers.  All are unique and hand crafted.

Wood Crafts and Collectibles  

Take a look at the collection, Mossy Green Trees

I get some of my best ideas and thoughts when I am the trail walking or biking with our family and friends.  My wood crafts, vintage jewelry and collectibles reflects the ideas behind I like to use warm earth tones, natural wood, and inspirational sayings to make enjoyable gifts.

  • Natural Wood

  • Natural Stone

  • Dried Flowers

  • Wedding Gifts

  • Anniversary Gifts

  • Engagement Gifts

  • Mosaic Designs

  • Unique Designs

  • Creative and Inspiring Gifts

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         By Lori Painter 

Mossy Wood Gallery

The Mossy Green Tree of Life plate  is monogramed with your family names and the family saying which signifies the "Tree of Life".

Mossy Green Trees Wood collections make great gifts for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. 

Be Mossy!

Mossy Green Trees